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Christina Morales Hemenway as the bride-to-be

James Duval as Jothem.jpg

James Duval as her best guy friend

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Yelyna De Leon as her best girl friend

Full Cast & Crew


A 39-year-old Latina races against her biological by throwing herself a wedding. Now all she needs is a groom!

Press Release

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 “Two thumbs way up!” -Hollywood Tattle Tale

“I will be better to my wife because of this movie.” -Michigan Theater audience member

“I laughed so hard I peed my pants!” -anonymous audience member

Los Angeles,  Feb 2021-- Dancingstar Productions presents the crowd-pleasing film "Bride+1." The film premiered at the world-famous TCL’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, CA, and is now available for in-home viewing on Digital and Video on Demand in platforms across the United States. Written, directed by Christina Morales Hemenway (“Dreammaker”, “Naked Angel”) and Produced by Andrew L. Wolf (“Dreammaker”, “Naked Angel”), this hilarious romantic comedy stars Christina Morales Hemenway (Dreammaker) with veteran actors Carl Weintraub (“Dads”,” Beverly Hills Cop”) and Paloma Morales (“Mucho, Mucho Amor”) and  supporting actors Yelyna De León ("Will and Grace," "A Better Life"), Don DiPetta (Academy Award-winning “Green Book”) and James Duval (“Independence Day”, “Donnie Darko”) 


“Bride +1” is a romantic comedy about Clarissa; a 39-year old, successful, interior designer. She knows how to be a lady in the living room, a tiger in the bedroom, and a mom in the kitchen, yet she’s never been married.  Her urge to have kids is unrelenting, so she makes a decision. She hires a videographer and at the next family function makes a huge announcement: she’s getting married!  To whom? She doesn’t know. But she’s taking a leap of faith to make it happen, and to have the whole adventure captured on video. Clarissa believes that “If she builds it, he will come”. She asks her best guy friend to be her Maid of Honor, and they have a blast picking out her flowers, cake, and invitations. Along the way, she has many bad dates. She tries all kinds of crazy tactics to attract her life-mate. Nothing works. The big day arrives, but it’s nothing like anyone could have possibly imagined.  

“Bride +1” has been described as “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” for the Latino community.  It celebrates a diverse cast of Latino actors but has played to mixed audiences, and received a 500-seat standing ovation.

The idea for “Bride+1” came about when two of her dear friends “of a certain age” were dumped by men that said they wanted children, and then didn’t. She was so mad that she channeled her energy into writing the script. Her anger turned into humor and resulted in a comedic look at Clarissa’s path to motherhood. The most difficult challenge during the filming process was losing her own mother, to whom the film is dedicated. Halfway through filming, Morales Hemenway’s mother died of ovarian cancer. The loss was devastating. “It took a long time for anything to be funny anymore.” Morales Hemenway says. “ The mother/daughter relationship is an integral part of the film, and the mother character represents my voice as the author. It’s very strange to be watching a scene with the character I wrote, with my mother in mind. Strange that my mother is gone, and yet this wise and funny character lives on.” 

For Mothers’ Day, the On-screen Mother/Daughter duo (Christina Morales Hemenway and Paloma Morales) invite everyone to watch the film at 2:30 pm pacific/5:30 pm east coast time and then join them afterward for a conversation about motherhood on Zoom. The trailer, list of viewing platforms and RSVP links are list at

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