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Welcome to Dancingstar Creative Academy! 


Here is our recipe for your creative success:


1) Post live once a week on the Dancingstar Productions Youtube channel-  [Once you sign your contract you will be given login/password info] Perform/Present for about 5 minutes then invite the audience to subscribe, and if they want to learn from you to go to


2) Once you are done going live Youtube will give you a link to share. Post this to your social media outlets.


3)  When people who want to learn from you go to they will see many offerings including your class. When they click on your course link it will go to a page with a short welcome video (made by you from your video phone if you like)  that includes:


  1. A short introduction/bio

  2. A course overview

  3. When you will be offering it live and the fee

  4. What the fee is for online replays

  5. Ask them to clink the link for more info and to contact you for more payment options. 

  6. What you want them to get out of learning from you.


Here’s a sample script:


   “Hi. My name is Christina Morales Hemenway and I am an award-winning writer/director of 4 feature films. I’m here talking to you today because I’m taking on just 10 students who are ready to learn directly from me how to create, from script to screen, the short film of their dreams.”


My hope is by the end of this 12-week program you will have a film you can be proud of and that you can submit to the Dancingstar Productions Uplifting Film Festival and perhaps even win distribution on Dancingstar Roku channel.


For only $1200 you’ll learn how to build your audience, write the script, create a budget, cast the project, produce it, do the post-production and distribution.


Every week you’ll have a live group zoom call with me, access to a private group page for hive mind discussions, an accountability partner as well as a private call with me. 


So if you're ready, just click the link below for more info and contact me personally if you want more payment options. 

I really look forward to helping you manifest your creative success!”

When they click, they go to a landing page that gives them more info as well as an opportunity to sign up for your course. The payment is sent to Dancingstar Productions LLC.


Dancingstar will pay you as an independent contractor on a monthly basis 90 percent of what you bring in and retain 10 percent for admin/marketing the Academy.


Each of the instructors is required to take a mini-version of “Creative Success Strategies- Turning your Passion into Profit” with Krystin Railing.


This live session will be over zoom Friday, Dec 4th, Sat 5th, and Sun 6th from 3:30-5:00 pm 

and will go over:


a) How to help artists get out of the struggling artist mindset

b) How to protect your brand

c) How to promote yourself through cross-promotion.

At that time you will also hear about opportunities to be a part of Dancingstar Management Group, Dancingstar Productions, and Dancingstar Distribution. 

This is a $300 class that is offered to instructors at a cut-rate of $30. If you can’t make this live session, you can take the replay course for $60.

Classes begin January 2021 and you may set your own schedule.

Feel free to email me with questions at or set up a 15-minute goal-setting call here:


I look forward to working to help manifest creative success together! 



Christina Morales Hemenway

Founder of Dancingstar

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