massage & energy re-balancing


"Your body is always sending you messages. Are you taking the time to listen? I will help you focus on the messages your body is sending and help you to respond in a way that is beneficial physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually." - CMH


Christina graduated from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, CA with coursework in Acupressure, Circulatory Massage, Anatomy/Physiology, Business and Ethics, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage and Polarity.  She also trained as a dancer and as a mime artist with Marcel Marceau and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts. Presently she coaches sales professionals across the nation on body language.



Dance Massage


Intuitive healing is my greatest passion and talent.  In Dance Massage, I combine my intuition with dance (mainly contact improvisation) and my experience with massage and interpretive dance to create a balance between body, mind and spirit. During the session, I will guide you into relaxation, followed by an exchange of body contact, in which you can choose to have typical massage positions and/or partner contact dance.  Whatever you choose, we both remain clothed. With this, I am able to relieve your body of pain and open up energy blockages.  Upon request, I can include my abilities as an empath to set you on a path of emotional healing.

Rudi Daniel Davis &

Christina Morales Hemenway

Yin-Yang Massage


Have both a male and female massausse working on your body at the same time. This "four-handed massage" focuses on balancing your inner male and female energies.


Ginger Chase    

Licensed Massage Therapist

My massages are therapeutic-based. I concentrate on over-used muscles and the origins of pain. I  help people restore their bodies to proper balance. I am a recent graduate of the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy and like to implement the principals and techniques I learned in Sports Massage, Myofascial Release and Neuromuscular Therapy in my massage practice.  My work can be very focused, following ailing muscles from their origins to insertions to release congestion and ease strain.  I have strong hands and provide deep pressure when appropriate.  I enjoy working with athletes who need help clearing metabolic waste and healing after hard work-outs and events; working with people who are in chronic pain, or who want to prevent chronic pain; helping people relieve postural issues so their bodies can function optimally.  I work with each client's needs and when appropriate, communicate through-out the session to ensure clients are comfortable and are engaged with the process of healing and restoring their bodies to proper and healthy functioning.   My goal is to have clients who feel in control of their own health and are actively involved in maintaining the work we do on the massage table.  I can provide tools, share practices and offer resources for clients who wish to be active participants in their life-long self-care and health.