Ron Patterson has many years of experience as a bass player and is a remarkable singer.
He has fronted bands such as Newbury Park, means of destruction, and played with "Little"call Carlton and played bass with Edwin Starr who had the big hit from the 60s "war"
Ron currently works with multiple bands including… Parkside Wes as well as Vinyl


is an award winning jazz singer who loves to sing with all kinds of bands in all kinds of styles. Her natural vibrato can either soothe or excite! She plays with many musicians and especially loves singing with Vinyl.  She has written many original tunes and enjoys covering other people's material as well. Stina is also an actress so she brings incredible presense to the stage-- engaging the audience and putting them at ease with her masterful voice, confidence and charm!

R.J. Lambert

RJ has a formal music education from EMU and Wayne State University, and has performed with groups such as Tin Scribble, Dead Skyscrapers, The Fast Eddie Band, Lady Sunshine and the X Band, Brandon Wayne Stults, The AK Blues Band, 7 Million Jigawatts, Parkside Wes, and most recently, Vinyl. He currently works at Rovi Corp. in Ann Arbor, as a technical editor in the classical music department. He gives drumset and percussion lessons at Dennis’ Music, in Ypsilanti. 

Anthony Tripodi:

A Singer and guitarist who has a rocking blues edge with strong influences from Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn… He has work with many local bands over last 25–30 years playing rock 'n' roll blues funk soul and classic R&B… He is currently playing with the power trio Parkside Wes, And the newer band vinyl

 Photo Credit: Christopher David Tomle