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People judge us based on:

                             -our appearance
                             -what we wear
                             -our body language
                             -our tone of voice
                             -our communication style 
                             -our energy/vitality
                             -our attitude

All this together creates our Presence

If 70% of communication is non-verbal, what are you saying?

"But that's who we are. There is nothing we can do about it, right?" 

Wrong! The best performers in the world create characters that seem like real people by changing these characteristics and then filling them with their own experience so they feel authentic!

"But I don't want to come across as if I'm acting"

We are all acting all the time. We are not the same at work as we are at home. We are different with one person than we are with another person but guess what? It's all us. The essence of us is the same wherever we go. We just act differently based on exterior stimuli or circumstances. It is "us" how we would act in that particular set of circumstances.

"So how do I do that?"

Learn from one who knows!  Christina Morales Hemenway has worked as an actress, singer, movement theater artist, model,  writer, director, casting agent, and professional presence coach over the last 25 years. She has worked with famous actors, not-so-famous actors, CEOs of large corporations as well people just making a start in life or making a new start.  
She will give you her first impression of you, and help you craft a 2nd impression based on her understandings of:

Appearance- from hair/make-up/costume/lighting from her days in the theater
Body Language- from her studies with world-famous mime Marcel Marceau
Tone of Voice- from singing, vocal, and dialect training
Communication Style- from her work with the Lead Institute's DISC training
Energy/Vitality- from years of work as an energetic bodyworker helping others to align their energy centers
Attitude- from decades of practicing mindfulness and mediation

So before you make a career change, go out for a promotion or make a presentation, you should hire Christina  Morales Hemenway as your one-on-one Presence Coach.

She also gives workshops on Presence, Communication, and Creative Sucess with a limited number of people. To find out about availability click on WORKSHOPS

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