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Christina's Testimonials

"Christina came highly recommended to me from a colleague who also manages senior sales professionals. Based on this recommendation, I had Christina work with my sales and marketing team and she did an outstanding job identifying the strengths and areas for improvement for each individual. The different exercises that we did were outside of our normal comfort zones, but Christina did it in an environment that was easy and fun. Each participant commented on how much they enjoyed the program and how accurate Christina's feedback was for each individual. This is an excellent program for any group that interfaces with customers. I look forward to my team working with Christina again."

-- Brett Stice, National Sales Manager at Medtronic

"Christina Morales Hemenway is the best actors' director I have ever worked with."

--James Duval, Film Actor with over 100 feature film credits

Working with Christina I wrote more in 5 days than I had in 5 years. What I most appreciate is her balance of being a Creative Coach and what I call a Creative Partner. As a Creative Coach, she helped me talk through my goals, provide thoughts & guidance from her real-life experiences, and help with reminders and encouragement to achieve my goals. As a Creative Partner, I welcomed her jumping in with her own creative energy and enthusiasm for my project but always making me feel like it was still my own.  More than anything, her interest, enthusiasm, and engagement with my project was what put the wind in my sails to finish it. If you have a creative project and you need help to move it forward, I strongly recommend hiring Christina to help you achieve your creative goals.

--Haig Avsharian 

President at Shar Products Company 


"Christina worked with my group to take their sales and communication skills to an entirely new level. Christina engaged every member of the team and provided feedback, training and insight that was 100% on target and useful. Best of all, Christina did all of this in an environment that brought the team closer together, and it was FUN!"

-- Kiersten Taber, Eastern US Sales Manager, Medtronic Diagnostics and Monitoring

"I enjoyed working with Christina. She is a GREAT Instructor and coach. Her extensive experience in many areas of the industry comes through in her knowledge. Her work is Great and her personal touch takes your work to the next level..."

-- Bill Edwards, Automotive Professional

Is it Christina´s shining personality or catching enthusiasm? Or her talent to immediately involve you in how to improve from an average speaker to an engaging, appealing performer in only a couple of hours? She is a natural in understanding people and their potential. And together, she brings out the best in you. On top of all it is great fun working with her!  

-- Susanne, Foreign Correspondent, Germany

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